Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend Wrapup

Chargers won! I know it was pre-season, but man they looked fine! Okay, football moment over.

I had set some goals, apparently none of which I achieved, but I DID get to the shoe store and find Moo some badly needed school shoes. Apparently, the boy pulled another overnight growth spurt and went up nearly an entire shoe size. So, he's now the proud owner of some boy's 3 sneakers. He had to walk out in them, I had no idea his toes were curled under in his regular ones.

Writing...well, no, that didn't happen either. But I had a great day with my Mother In Law and hubby while we school shopped. But I did get a Really Terrible Website built. I'm teaching myself better HTML so, it'll change quite a bit until I get it right. I'm hoping to be able to use it to place excerpts and the like, perhaps a place to see all the articles in one place. We'll see. Right now it's more an exercise in HTML.

Also, it apparently appalls everyone in my family--in laws included--that I am either too cheap (I am) or too broke (I am) for cable. I find it hilarious that it's considered a "Utility" in my Quicken Program. Remember the good ole days when cable was for rich people and regular folk just tuned stuff in. You know...yesterday?

Well, my sister has come to save me from my cheap brokeness, lol. She'll be staying with me for a time and has decreed that with the new season starting up, she can't asked to guess what the hell people might be investigating on CSI. Not, is that a blood platlet or an organ. More "Is that a guy or a chick?" So she might have a point. She's buying, so I said sure. You want to blow 50 bucks a month on tv, I ain't gonna stop you. So, sometime later today, the cable fairy will descend upon my home for the first time since March of '03. (We had cable for three months then, prior to that, it had been nearly a year, when we were at the inlaws, then before that, we went about two or three years without cable just fine.)

It does make me wonder what the world has come to. I could wax philosophical about it, I suppose. Tie it in somehow with the renown of American obesity and the death rate and how McDonald's is truly to blame with their supersizes and impossible to chemically break-down french fries...but really, let's stick to the most gripping of issues:

Will my blog suffer? Will my non-existent writing be stimulated or stymied?

I guess we'll find out!

Remember tomorrow, Tuesday Teach Day: The 6th Deadly Sin: Vanity!



Kat said...

HTML...OOO my favorite. You'll have tons of fun and ton's of ' worked yesterday. What's changed?' moments.

Fun Fun :)

THIS! Christine said...

Meh... TV's on all the time in my house. It's just background noise to me. The computer on the other hand.....