Friday, August 19, 2005

Five Friday Tidbits

I took a day off yesterday. I had to. It was either that or fall down in a pile and weep. (Which I think I did anyway, but that's neither here nor there.) I'm just exhausted. Hubby has been working until roughly midnight most days this week and when he gets here, we have a late meal and talk. Then we wake up early--him earlier, cause I'm a lazy cow--but I spend the rest of the day at the "Mommy Range" while he gets to work with hopefully less interruptions per second. I'm not sure which of us is getting the better deal.

So, why was this bad? Well, my first ever requested article went up yesterday on Romancing The Blog. Did I let y'all know? Nope. Did I make the most of such a golden opportunity? Nope. My very, very bad. But in my defense, I just managed to keep the kid happy for a day without making either of us cry. Also it's still up, second today, when you go to their site. :) I'm extolling the virtues of being an insect. :) Must read material, that. :) Would love to see if y'all have any thoughts. :)

So, what are my Five Friday Tidbits this week?

• My first ever article of any kind was epubbed!

• I got my crap together and finally set up an appointment to make sure Moo has not inherited my congenital heart defect. (I'm still debating if this makes me a coward or not, as he shows absolutely no signs of it. Mine was partially diagnosed at age four due to chronic chest pain. It's a minor issue that only should cause him problems when seeing a dentist--thanks to the monster antibiotics we faulty valve people have to take so dentists will treat us. I swear, if it was a more serious complication, he'd have been checked out ten minutes after his birth.)

• I am 80% done with the final edits on my latest WIP. (Of course, I'll be adding another 7k, so that goes down to like 60%, but let's not mince words, I'm finally being productive.)

• I've been asked and voted to join the Belfry Collective, which is already proving to be great for my writing mind. Of course, all I want to do now is write, but that's not a terrible side effect of stimulating conversation. :)

• My quest to see all the Rocky movies again is slowly coming true. I have watched Rocky 1, 2 and 4 (albeit in Spanish on canal 54, but that's okay. Made for a fun date with hubby!) Rocky 3 is coming in my Netflix mail today and Rocky 5 will be here tomorrow. My summer will soon be complete.

So, now my goals for next week are to finish writing up the next Deadly Sin, finish my final edits, enter them and let the CPs at it and get the school shopping done for the Amazing Growth Rate Boy. (Age 7 and he's roughly about 4'8". Maybe more. And he grows overnight. Pray his school clothes last him to winter.)

I also very much promise to rest this weekend and be a much more cheerful soul next week!
Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Shesawriter said...


I read your article and thought it was fab. I didn't know that was you! LOL! Great one. I really enjoyed it and shame on your for not bragging sooner. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers about the medical matter.



Kate Walker said...

Hi Dee, honey

Just wanted to say I found you! I didn't know you had a blog - but I did read the Romancing the Blog article - great stuff.

I'll be sure to come back and visit - at least this way I'll know something of what you're up to!



Lyn Cash said...

1st - read your post at Romancing the Blog and LOVED it! Can't wait for you to sell. 2nd - Welcome to The Belfry Collective. 3rd - hugs on the health are an inspiration.

Dee said...

Awww, thanks ladies!

I actually wasn't sure when was a good time to actually "begin" bragging, lol. I'm really new at that kinda thing, lol. (Unless it's about Moo, then good luck shutting me up.)

Thanks for the prayers, Tanya.

Kate--wow, how sweet of you to find me! :) I'm glad you liked the article. :) They wanted to know about my perspective on the industry, lol. I'm not sure they expected an insect's pov, lol. And if you visit much, you'll probably learn a lot more than you wanted to about what I'm up to. LOL! (Including evil plans!)

Hi Lyn! 1st) YAY, thank you! LOL, me too! ROFL! 2nd) Thank you! Woohoo! 3) Oh, nah, I'm not an inspiration. :) Lots of people have funky heart valves. Mine just doesn't close all the way and makes interesting slogging noises when I over stress. As I stress a bit much, lol, I really cause probs for myself. I learned recently people can get through their whole lives and not know they have this. (Lucky schmucks, lol) But, like the rest of me, it's quite whiny. :) As long as I take care of me, it's not a problem. Honest. :) Besides, hubby is all over it. He has plans for me to be around for a while--have to make that fortune outselling Danielle Steele, donchaknow? LOL!