Thursday, August 11, 2005

Special Thanks to Vanessa Jaye

Okay, I do a lot of HTML, which means I do a lot of stealing. LOL! It's mostly that I find really cool stuff, view source and pick out the code and figure out how to make it work for me. I really like HTML, so this is--shockingly--fun for me.

So, there I was checking out Vanessa Jaye's site and girlfriend has a progress counter! Never seen THIS before.

The reason being that this is not the easiest code y'all ever did see, lol. I spent my Blog reading time making it work for me--see sidebar for gloriousness, lol--and even had to call my mathematician sister to convert what a percentage would be in solid numbers. (Yes, I'm THAT dumb.) But there it is, all pretty and requiring me to be beholden to get my lazy butt in gear. As I add WIPS or Submissions, Revisions or...*angelic singing here, please*, even a sale, you'll know about it and be able to rag me if it looks like I'm not cracking on it.

Many thanks, VJ! GIANT Hugs! (PS--she's on my sidebar too, so check her out, especially if you want to know what Fetus Spears is up to, lol)

Wish me luck!


Larissa said...

Hi Dee! Yay! You have a blog! *g*

Thanks for visiting mine...gave me a chance to hunt yours down! :)

Hope you're getting lots of writing done--I'm not getting ANYTHING written, so someone needs to be productive. ;)

Dee said...

LOL! Hi Larissa! YAY, thanks for coming by!

Sadly, aside from some editing, lol, not a darn thing happening on that front. I've had some ideas, but I have to set them aside. Until school starts again, I consider myself lucky to pee without someone asking for something he could probably get for himself, lol.

Come ONNNNNN September!

Jaye said...

Luck, schmuck. Ya got talent babes, and ya gots it in spades.

hhmmm, I know I have you bookmarked, but why aren't you on my sidebar?

Oh, lazy. I got 'lazy' in spades. lol. I'll be rectifying that soonish.

Jaye said...

btw, good idea with the submission info. I've been meaning to put the start date of my projects. Just so I can publicly embarrass myself of my sloth-like progress.

Dee said...

ROFL, Jaye, at sloth-like progress. It's summer, the kids are home. We are all slothy. I finally got another crack at my edits--have to update that--and got to the halfway mark. I fell asleep once, though. Does NOT bode well for story, lol.

Let's all be laaaaaaaayyyyyyzzzeeeeeeee. :)