Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Keys Have Been Found!

I knew they'd be somewhere stupid, but even I have to take a moment of silence at how remarkably dumb this place was.

Picture it.

Last Saturday, I went with Moo to Hubby's work while he did some office catch up. It was fun. I edited hard copy, Moo watched Jimmy Neutron and Monsters Inc and drew pictures. It was lovely. It was also cold. Thankfully, hubby works at a helmet company and they have jacket inventory to study what would go well with those kinds of things. So, hubby grabs me a coat for the duration.

As we are leaving, he asks me, "You sure you got your keys?"

I jangle them and say yes. I am smug. I am sooooo wrong.

So, as we're walking out, all stuff in my arms I realize I'm still wearing the jacket and hand it over to hubby to put away. We then leave the building and go to Walmart where we walk around and spend money we barely have on essentials. We come home. Funny...I must have put my keys in the bowels of my bag, but no worries. I'll find them.

Except I didn't find them. Ripped apart the house. Nope, not here. Called Walmart. Not there either. Hubby searches at work. Nope, not there either. I am doomed. Apparently, the federal mandate that losing a mail key is a $250 dollar replacement fee is not as important to me as I thought. I'm screwed. Yes, stress level goes ballistic because I've been doing this all week. I'd lost my mouse pen. I'd lost my sister's check. I was even starting to lose cooking utensils. Summer is NOT my friend.

So, after a week of mayhem--but I DID find the check AND the mouse...on separate days. Still, I couldn't get over how upset the loss of my keys had made me. Then, because the three synapses I have had to connect at some point, I send this email to my husband:

Subj: Before you leave work...

I know you'll prolly have another late night, but do you think you can
check the pockets on that jacket I was wearing? Maybe my keys are in
there. If not, no sweat, but you never know with me. I might have been that dumb.


So, about ten minutes later I recieve the long awaited news from the man I love with all my heart. The man who has given me a beautiful child and ten years of commitment, love, passion and protection. Yes, that self-same man who stole my heart eighteen years ago and hasn't relinquished hold of it since. And that was:

U are.

Ten Tenorio

LOL, well, I never said he wasn't honest.

Apparently, I actually put the bloody keys in the jacket pocket about a minute before I gave it back to him, completely knowing that it wasn't mine and I wasn't taking it home.

Somewhere, an absent-minded professor is laughing at me.
That's okay, so am I.

Smooches all!


Kat said...

Maybe its something they put in the CA water.

I do this stuff all the time. I blame it on being a blonde. And I'm not.

Soumyadip said...

Maybe it has something to do with the CA Governor.

April Joleen said...

Try not to feel bad. I'll let oyu in on a little known secret.

I lost a child once. Yes, a fully alive, fully dependent 6 yo child. Luckily I didn't forget her for days. It only took 3 1/2 hours and a phone call from the police to even realize she was missing. Now that was a very scary day indeed.

And to think that was almost 8 years ago, and before I added 5 more children to my whacky crew. Hell, I'm suprised they even let me have the 5 other children!! LOL

Dee said...

April--I got left once or twice. My mom had six of us and the one time I got lost for so long there were 5 other cousins visiting. Glad you found your kiddo. :)
Thanks so much for the reassurance, though. Some days are good and I'm pretty sure I'm not that bad of a parent. Then there's days that I'd like to smack him or hide from him. LOL!

He made my day today and ate his first fruit that was not banana since roughly 2000! Maybe I'm a decent mom afterall. :)

LOL, I doubt Arnie has much to do with my inability to keep my keys though, lol. But if I lose them again, I'll be sure to ask him. :)