Friday, August 12, 2005

Five Friday Tidbits:

Friday shall be my day of lazy, but it shall also be my day of grateful. I will impart my good news in bullet format because while I am grateful for the upcoming weekend, I'm dead tired already. (And come on, thinking up five good things at this point every week has got to be hard for everyone.)

• I got back to my blog after more than a month of absence from anything but work.

• Hubby not only ate what I cooked last night, he wanted more WHILE watching "The Cutting Edge"--rather a lot like a tiger being fed birdfood while teaching a hippo to dance in ballerina shoes. 3-star miracle there. (It was probably due to exhaustion, but I'm taking what I can get.)

• Moo lost his Goddard (Jimmy Neutron's mechanical dog, for those not living with a Jimmy addicted child) figure while walking in a parking lot yesterday. When we arrived where we were and realized it was gone, I was looking around hoping not to look frantic. Tears in his eyes, my son wraps his skinny arms around my neck, voice wobbling he says, "Don't worry, Mommy, we'll find him." (Tiny Tim ain't got diddly on this kid, seriously.) Why is this good? Hubby scores again while we scoured the parking lot by finding pebble sized Goddard in the middle of the road before a car can run it over.

• Exterminator came to kill off unnatural ant population attempting to take over my kitchen as their primary water supply. While this sadly means I can cook again, it also means I can put the dishes on the counter for ten minutes (okay, three hours, so I'm a pig who hates doing dishes). Glory for the slovenly!

• Moo licked several pieces of corn! Hey, if Jimmy can crack it and get a whole song, Moo licking it--infinitely harder for an autistic kid with food aversions up the yang--this is a bloody miracle. The last time he had a vegetable, the millenium hadn't even turned. Today, we're going to approach the lickage of PEAS! Wish me luck!



Jenne said...

You rock Dee. I'm glad i don't have an ant prob. My dishes get left way longer than 3 hours.

Love to read about the sweetness of Moo too. :)

Dee said...

Hey Jenne!

Sadly, we have not attempted the circular veggie as of yet, lol. I'm afraid that at somepoint, I'll have to describe the not-so-sweetness of Moo, too. Like yesterday morning when he woke up, ran to my bed, cuddled in my blankets and with a great big smile passed enough gas on my leg to solve the price per barrell problem before wriggling out again, leaving me with a dutch oven of evil proportions.

LOL...maybe I ought to rethink those peas, eh?


Jaye said...

Ds does the dishes. Which means they get left for about 3 days, before my vocal chords finally snap. lol.

Pea licking is an artform. :-)

Lyn Cash said...

i just love lurking in your house on the web. i bring in my own beverage, settle back, and absorb the family atmosphere. you have this strong yet gentle energy of a writer about to bloom...can't wait until you sell.

one of my Belfry CPs has this same affect on me - her blogs don't press the hot buttons or arouse a call to arms. they ground me. so...just thought i'd mention that yours, too, is a nice place to visit.

Dee said...

Thanks Lyn! That's a sweet thing to say! I rather like my home too, peas and gas notwithstanding, lol. :) Thanks for the good luck thoughts! Really appreciate that you visit.

Update: Child DID put several peas in his mouth. Then he proceded to cry and gag in a rather Linda Blair fashion. I told him he had to EAT the pea, trying to illustrate that it needed to go down his throat and into his belly to achieve "eaten" status.

He spent the next several minutes trying to force the pea into his throat from the OUTSIDE and sobbing sadly when he failed to create "tracheotomy" status.

Ah well, there's always Monday to try again. And the pea DID actually get inside his mouth--farther than any other veggie in five years--and he firmly believes peas are "green corn". Okay, I can live with that.

Jaye--LOL, I've tried the three days thing. Hubby usually has a cow and a burst vein by then, though, so it's only done when I'm violently ill. Or Moo is, so that I can say, "And what have YOU been doing?" (Tell your son, "never slack off without a planned escape!")

Smooches everyone!