Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Sick Returns...with a website!

Howdy Everyone!

Sorry for the sudden shortfall of blogging. It turns out that my war with the insides is going to be a bit more chronic than I'd like to admit. Somedays it wins--I couldn't ride my stationary bike today--some days it loses. Sadly, I'm a wuss of epic proportions and I have yet to figure out what penalties it gets when I feel good.

But in much better news, you may have noticed my lovely, beautiful new link on my interesting stuff column. Yes, despite my pathetic PR skills when it comes to myself, Romancing The Blog has offered me a regular columnist spot!

For those who missed it!

Can you see my imagined happy dance (please, a rump does not get to this size by actually getting up to dance.) In honor of this fabulous kindness on the parts of the RTB powers that be, I have vastly improved my Extremely Crappy website. It is now, Mildly Crappy Website. Yes, click and be awed with it's craptasticness. What can I say, I'm attempting some slight professionalism.

You'll note, however, that I have yet to place a "contact me" portion to that page, lol...So, if you're made miserable, I don't have to hear about it. ;) I figure I'll add that when I have the site completely full. If you click on the excerpts and down to novellas, you can see some of my short stories I wrote for the Reading Groups folksies, including a historical that is bound to have you laughing because it's amazingly bad. If some of the side links don't load that page on the first try, click or click again. (I doubled my link and well, it's broken. LOL!)

Back tomorrow with Five Friday Tidbits!



Jenne said...

Yay! And Yay! Yes... it is on the mildly craptastic side, but it's improved quite a lot, you rock Dee! My own attempt at a website would be much worse, and must more contentless. :) So cool that you have a gig too! :) Very happy on your behalf.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

LOL It's better then my website... I haven't done jack with it. My blog is the only thing I did anything with.

Congrats on being a regular columnist on Romancing the Blog! LOL I guess I should read some of those sometime, eh? Considering I'm linked there. ooops