Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Hello everyone!

I'm hoping to have this up for you soon, however, my son dr's appointment is very early and I might not have it up until afterward. If the Tuesday Teach Lesson is not up by 9am PST, it should be up around Noon.

Wish us luck, it's heart screen day.

Much love,


Jenne said...

Prayin' Dee! Love ya.

Dee said...

Thanks Jenne! So appreciate it!

The great news is that Moo has a perfectly healthy heart. The doctor says there shouldn't be any reason for any concern about his heart. And since there isn't anything anyone can detect, that means that he has not inherited my Ehlors-Danlos Syndrome 3 either. He beat 50/50 odds. He may have my eyes, but thank God, my baby has his Daddy's heart!


Jaye said...

Glad to hear Moo got the thumbs up on his results, Dee. :-)

Danni said...

Yay for a healthy Moo! And Yay for a mommy brave enough to make the appointment! Hugs atcha!

Stephanie Feagan said...

I'm so glad, Dee! Big hugs to you and Moo - and his daddy.

Kate Walker said...

THat's wonderful news about Moo's results! I'm so happy for you.
And special hugs to you for being brave enough to check this out instead of just worrying about it - now you don't have to worry at all!