Friday, August 26, 2005

Five Friday Tidbits

Yes, it's time to be grateful again, and I am. I really, really am. (You just can't tell because I'm grumpy this week.)

• I get to be a columnist! (Thank you RTB!) (Yes, fully aware I'm beating a dead horse, so sorry about that, but it's exciting to me...mostly cause aside from working, I don't do a whole lot, lol, and as I discovered I have two more weeks before school starts...I'm taking any pleasure I can get.)

• I'm getting a washer and dryer! I know, as I live in an apartment, this is a shock. Sure, I regularly swear and want to kick the machine in the laundry room across the hall--except for the time it came after me like Linda Blair, spewing fluid, jerking and grinding it's body over the floor in ceaseless circles--because they're screwed up, don't wash or don't dry or I only need to do one load, but I have to fill the laundry card with enough money to do three or not do wash at all, but I never imagined they'd want to put one in my actual apartment. It'll take a month...and there's going to be workmen inside my apt from 8-5 Monday-Friday for a while, making holes in my walls so it can happen...but, I'm thrilled! (See, if you go outside in your jammies enough times, people will do ANYTHING to make you stop!)

• I've hopefully discovered that link problem--fixing as soon as I'm done posting, I swear--and my site will be operational! (God save you all.)

• I'm feeling good for the first time in a week and am walking like a regular girl! The last few days have rendered me waddling like a cowgirl who's been on one too many bulls. Depressingly, my issues cause pain to radiate down to my knees on the bad days. I won't lie and say I don't complain--I believe I'm doing so right now, actually--but I can still handle it. (No choice, dr says I can't mix meds and add a pain killer.) And hey, it's damn funny to watch. I'm pretty sure next time it happens, hubby will film. (I'll owe him, y'all have NO idea the levels of bitchdom I have achieved this week.)

• Sister Pet is coming back to stay with me. She's been doing slave labor at my mother's for a month, helping to refurbish Mom's bathroom. Personally, I'm more grateful I live over an hour away and therefore have not been called to duty. (Maybe THAT should be a point all by itself.) Just about anyone who lives nearby has been called in and has a hand or some blood in that rebuild. Anyhow, while it's not always easy to have someone else in the house--darn, there goes the nekkid living room television time!--, it is a real help to have someone keep an eye on Moo from time to time. He's been babysat roughly 10 times (aside from when I worked the first three months of his life) in the last seven years. One included while I was rushed to the ER, which hubby told me to stop smiling about because it was NOT a date. She's rather kidlike herself, so she plays with him...which means that I can go more than fifteen seconds between "mommy!"s. I love that woman.

So, am I glad for having adult company in the day? Yes!

Am I MORE glad that I, too, can now take part in the slave labor of keeping the family Pet? You betcha!

Hope y'all are having a great week and have a better weekend ahead!



Lyn Cash said...

omg, i completely forgot Pet was your sister!! i haven't been on eharl in months and don't remember squat these days, but i remember & miss The Pet.

get to feelin' better soon, girl.

Dee said...

LOL, I'd probably feel fine if I wasn't so stubborn. My body simply wants me to lay like veal is all, lol. If I don't move, it's not at all that bad. But I really just chafe at being told what to do. I sit a lot--note rear end spread--but I also get up to do regular household things. My body just has to learn that it can't get what it wants. (Moo isn't taking that lesson from me that well either, lol.)

Oh, yup, Pet will be back, lol! She's still running the RDI pages and the Worldwide Mystery pages. I haven't read the WWM books yet, but she says they're great. :)

Big smooches!

Jaye said...

(((hugs))) on the girlie stuff. Since I pretty much need to sleep 15hrs a day the week prior to, I can understand to a certain degree how disruptive to your life the dang thing can be. And just think, we can look forward to menopause....

Last time I mentioned Pet she was moving to N'awlins, or someplace like that. Is she back now? Hope you too have a great time together.

And congratulations on becoming a RtB columnist.

Heather Diane Tipton said...


LOL On Pet being back.

Shesawriter said...


I hope you feel better soon.