Thursday, February 23, 2006


I think part of the reason I enjoy writing romance is because my husband makes such a great character. He's manly, he's artistic, he's caring, occasionally he's thick as a brick. He's funny and he's romantic. He's annoying. He's cute. I love his feet, not because they're pretty, but because they have so much personality. I love how he cooks and that he doesn't mind that I snitch off his plate--he makes extra because he knows I will. I love when he knows to hold me. I don't love that sometimes he doesn't. He's a very real guy with layers and problems and issues. I think a lot of my heroes are based on him, or at least, the reality of him.

I wonder if he were not so good to me if I would be so enamored of romance. Would I be bitter because I hadn't found some fairy-tale guy who can overcome all with the flick of a page? Or would I just be lonely looking for one? I know for a fact I wouldn't be writing them--my hubby is the one responsible for my continued writing and submitting. I never would have bothered without him. (That's not romantic, he was yelling at the time, lol.)

I know single women write romance. Shoot, I know men write romance. But I do often wonder if my husband makes my heroes work out because he provides a level of reality that I have to include. I have no illusions of men without a rough edge or two. Couldn't write one if I wanted to. And I really don't.

So the question of the day is mostly this: Do the men in your life shape your imaginary heroes too?


Bronwyn Jameson said...

Dee, I'm not sure if the males in my household (and there are 4 of 'em, not counting the dog) consciously influence my heroes but they definitely influence my knowledge of the male psyche in loads of positive and not-so-positive ways...which you have beautifully described in your description of yr dh. I'd like to think the rough edges add some reality to the fantasy men I create, which is the way I like it. Can't handle mr perfects who say and do exactly the right thing at all times, either in real life or in fiction.

Shesawriter said...

Yes, my DH does. It's the little things that make an impression on me. Like warming my car up without me asking. Buying me a fruit salad (my favorite food btw). I infuse that stuff into my heroes all the time.


Anonymous said...

Well said Dee.

Yes, my dh influences my heroes, in both positives and quirks. The way he makes my toes curl when he kisses me just so, the way he frustrates me sometimes to the point where I just have to take a deep breath and walk away.

These "always perfect" fantasy men; they're not real, and the expectation that they are is going to leave a lot of young, less experienced women disappointed.

Men can be our other halves; sweet, caring, exciting and generous. They can also be goofs; slobs, arrogant and selfish. And sometimes they manage to be all these things and more all within the same day. ;) But we love them anyway.

Lorie Hartt said...

I'm the anonymous poster from above. Don't know how that happened. :o Obviously I need more coffee... or less, a little quick on the draw today it seems. :D

Lyn Cash said...

I know I can't help but 'use' the men in my life when I write - they make such delicious characters, don't they?

Love the Moo pic of the week, by the way, and was glad to read your post about helping hawk Larisa's sale. I have a friend who told me something sad today, that no one but me has promoted her stuff, which kinda frosts me, to tell the truth. I enjoy reading about others' successes, and even if I don't write what they do, their accomplishments mean a lot to me. So...kudos to you for promoting your friend.

Good to read you again.

Sela Carsen said...

I use my dh a lot, but never so he'd recognize himself. I've had one hero who absolutely had his nose. I love BC's nose. But aside from physical attributes, I love to infuse my hero with little things like never, ever getting lost, or always being right -- which annoys my heroines as much as it annoys me -- at least until they're wrong in a big way!