Monday, February 27, 2006

Morning Report!

Well, a lot of stuff I wanted to get done on the weekend didn't get done...but other, more valuable things did, so that's okay. One of those things was finally hanging some stuff up that didn't fit in my closet. This was achieved by completely rearranging my closet. And a good portion of my bedroom. And I'm not done.

Other things that got done were some cross-platform fixing of my website. Rae--helpful PC spy for me--informed me that my grand attempt at revamping my site had failed miserably on PC. Pet's computer arrived and we were able to take a look. It should now work reasonably well for all viewers. Interestingly, I learned that on a PC, you see Yahoo ads when you go to my site (thus the whole "free" site aspect). I didn't know about that as my Mac doesn't see them, lol. But don't worry, resizing shouldn't be a problem there, either, anymore. Sooner or later, I will master the whole em line sizing and so on, but until then, HTML will have to handle it. It's not exactly perfect on all points for PCs, nor is it exactly perfect for Macs, but as long as it's slightly--but equally flawed--and still useable, lol, it wiill work for now. I also created an author newsletter for my future releases. There's nothing to it at this point, but I'm hoping soon I can use it to let people know when the book will be out and so on. It's another important step is all. :)

Most importantly, the taxes were completed, filed and accepted. PHEW! I figure you can only go over them so many times before admitting that it's all as done and complete and correct as you can do it. I'm just glad it's out of the way. :) Now I can concentrate on other things, like writing, work and putting my house together. It feels like a good week for me, so I'm going to get done what I can and try not to sweat the small that load of laundry I never quite get done. And dammit, I'm vacuuming today and no one is going to stop me!

Many smooches!


Shesawriter said...

You've been a busy bee, Missy. You GO girl. :-)


Dee said...

LOL, thanks Tanya! Alas, I didn't vacuum, lol! I think the world heard my challenge, everyone and their grandma called me today, lol!