Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Anyone Got A Map?

Okay, so, I'm starting to realize there's quite a bit to promoting your book than I anticipated. Or rather, I knew there was, I just wasn't sure how to begin. I mean, it's not like I can go on eHQ and blather on about my upcoming release. So, where does an e-girl go for other reader communities?

I tried to check out All About Romance...I'm sure it's great but I can't seem to navigate it properly. I just can't seem to tell what goes to where or why.

Romance Junkies--am I wrong, is that only a chat and contest site? Not that I'm adverse to either, but I'm not quite ready for them since the book doesn't hit until Summer.

Romance Divas I've been to once before and I'm pretty sure I can get the hang of it when I have some more free time.

Are there more?

I know the point is not to go scream "Buy my book!" even though, hey, I'm not too proud to admit I'd like to do that. But I'm utterly unaware of other communities on the web and methinks that's not a good trait. Anyone got a clue or a direction to send me to find out more about what's out there? I'm ALLLLLLL eyes. :)


Shesawriter said...

Jennifer Jackson recently had some good advice on her blog about book promotion as did Kristen Nelson. Check them out.


Dee said...

Thanks Tanya!! I definitely will!


Nicole Reising said...

Oh Dee, your post today is exactly why I have not looked into any other method of getting published except through an agent and so forth. It scarest the death out of me - well maybe more specifically, the time requirement it might entail - just for me to learn what to do. From an economical standpoint I think it would pay off in the end but... I'm just to chicken yet.

We'll see if I'm still tooten the same tune another year or two from now if I'm still not published. :-)

Good Luck!

Dee said...

Hey Nicole, thanks to Tanya's tips I'm seeing about press agents and so on. It's definitely a daunting subject, especially as I'm generally the PR advisor for people who come where I work, lol. The shoe's on the other foot and it's an awkward fit, lol.

Definitely have that lil fish in a big ocean feel. :) I'll let you know when I get some bearings, lol!

Kate Hardy said...

Dee, have you checked out cataromance (

And there's also coffee time romance ( - discovered them yesterday when they sent me a lovely review!

Dee said...

Woohoo, Kate! Thanks so much! Nope, didn't know about coffeetime! I'll definitely check that out! (Think they'll forgive me for not being able to drink coffee?)


Laure said...

Have you see this article? Lots of promo tips there...