Tuesday, February 14, 2006


For the first year ever, I've sent Gio off to school with his Valentine's and treats ON TIME!! YAY!

Usually, something goes horribly wrong and I forget to get him something to take to his friends. This time, I had cards from last year (his class only had 6 kids last year!) and I remembered to make fudge cupcakes. Mind you, couldn't finish them. My pill was making me sleepy (second? Maybe the third one I'd had that day) and I wanted to stay awake and do it right. So, I stood up (that usually helps) and got started. I made the first batch and sister Pet had to take care of making sure they baked as well as the second batch. Sadly, I crashed. BUT I did get the decorated this morning and packed off to Moo's school!

So, here's to starting Valentine's Day on the right foot and wishing you all a great, romantic day!


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Shesawriter said...

Happy V Day to you too, Dee.