Monday, February 20, 2006


I'm tired of myself. I really am. Since the move, particularly, I've managed to whine, complain, explain and maintain a blog filled with pretty much no value whatsoever.

I woke up the other day and realized, I need a blogslap. I need to focus my blog, my writing, my life and my work. Now. No meandering here, meandering there. I need to get back to Tuesday Teach Days because, dammit, I need to start learning again. I need to plan out exactly how my future PR plans must roll out to give my book the best chance and show my publisher that I'm willing to work to make it a success. I need to get my ear back to the railroad and pay attention to the Industry. I need to widen my scope and approach the world I'm hoping to become known in like it's a battle plan, not a walk in the park.

So, I need to set some goals.

1) Finish the fricken taxes. Our refund is going to go a long way toward my goals of paying for my website and RWA registration, which I deeply want this year. (I want a pink ribbon, I want to fantisize about RITA noms someday, so I need to get into position.) I want to take my boy to Disneyland.

2) Finish the fricken book. I'm halfway and I've made a lot of progress. There is no reason to slow down now.

3) Work out a daily schedule. Each day of the week needs to be given a number of duties including days for specific modes--Website work, Scheduling, PR development, Fresh Proposals--and each weekday must include a minimum of 2 hours writing time. It must also include blog reading, as this is an important part of keeping up with the Industry.

Now, each of these goals is pretty large, so I'm going to stop at 3.

Anyone out there have a list of goals they need to make? Lets make a list and see if we can keep each other on them.


Rae said...

I try not to make lists. Inevitably, if I make them I forget about them and have to make more lists. I waste more time making lists than I do doing the things I put on hte list in the first damned place.


Numero uno goal is to have these teeth yanked from my person and as soon as possible so that I stop whining and crying and feeling this shitty.

Good luck with your goals, you goal maker, you.

Nicole Reising said...

Well, I'd like to say that making goals is really productive for me. It helps I'll definitely admit to that, but... no matter what it is, the laundry, writing, getting showered... :-) I have to feel driven from within. And that pretty well is determinded by my moods. :-( Unfortunately. Ah, I'm rather moody. Wish I wasn't. Pretend that I'm not. But in all honesty... I am. So somedays I can make up lists and stick to them and feel great. But I would have felt great that day anyhow. Other days I make up lists and don't get them done. Maybe I don't even begin them - but one thing is for sure ... I do a lot of thinking about them... :-)

Good Luck on your goals! I hope they help you! (By the way I hope you caught the jist that I still make the goals "shrug" I've just come to learn that putting them down on paper doesn't make an iota of a difference for me as it does for others)
PS - I may be slow... ok I am slow, but I had a really, really hard time finding where to post today. You changed things? I kept clicking on things and was just about to give up when this screen suddenly appeared. Just thought I'd pass that on.

Shesawriter said...

Here's mine:

1. Finish the damned book.


Dee said...

Hey Cole,

Yup, I did change them a little bit. I really like the comments matching the posts and not having to load. I thought up a way to make the "Test the Ether!" line more obvious. :) I'll test it out so you can tell me if it helps at all. :)

I know what you mean about lists either working or making you feel guilty, lol. Then again...I always feel guilty, lol. So, it works for me.