Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday, God Bless You!

Ah, up from the penniless scraping! Today's payday--for hubby!

Also, the new fridge arrived and it's virtually silent, particularly compared to the nearly violent rambling groans of the last one. It ain't fancy, of course, but it works and that's all I can really ask. I'm pondering how much it might cost to have an external small freezer, just to keep meats and such in because this puppy has a much smaller freezer than my old side-by-side. Someday, I plan to have a really dream fridgy. Not with a computer in it or anything, lol, but something silent and lovely and roomy.

Even better, have redone my lovely computer and the baby runs like a dream now. Much love to the comp's restore disks and the joy of software updates!

Also, much of my home is put away. It's still a disaster--my desk is overrun with so much crap I'm actually afraid to look at it--but most things have a place now.

The only downside is that hubby will be responsible for purging quite a bit more of his stuff. It took me ten years to get him to get rid of what he dumped before the move, so I'm not really thinking I'll get very far...but wish me luck anyway. I'm hoping his attraction to being able to enter a room without falling down will help in this aim.

Also, I'm hoping to have some time to update pages and edit this weekend. Not holding my breath, but at least I've caught up on so much already!

Off to make tea and dig into the rewrites!

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Jaye said...

Way to go you, on the unpacking!!

Good luck with the rewrites!