Tuesday, February 07, 2006


It occurs to me that this blog is now, technically...a year old! How's that for a shock? I'm not sure if it really counts, I was TOTALLY spotty for the first four or five months (which I feel really bad about). But this blog has been good to me. I've met a lot of great people and found out I'm only half as boring as I thought. Plus, if it weren't for this blog--or the act of blogging and the great advice of my CP, X--I wouldn't have sold. How do you not love a blog that works so hard for you?

So, here's to a great blogsite that is every day somewhere to unload my itty, bitty brain. :)

But, I'm officially out of Tuesday Teach Day topics. Anyone have some ideas for good conversation? Y'all are more than welcome to teach me. :)



Rae said...

I like the changes. It's not as dark and easier to read. '-)

You did good!

Nicole Reising said...

Hi Dee!

I know that I said this before but I just love your changes! The black and this other color is awesome! Ok, I won't keep gushing! :)

I wasn't too sure about this blogging thing when I started a few months ago, but I have found like you that its been invaluable! And I love it too boot! You can't knock that.

Congrats on a year!


Larissa said...

Congratulations on a year! I also live the new colors!