Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Le Apartment!

Okay, I admit, I'm WAY too excited about this. But...it's lovely. This isn't the unit, but it's in the same community:

Here are a few pics of the inside, to give you an idea of what it looks like:

The Kitchen:

You may or may not see what I mean about "ickle". But usually, I'm not the same height or taller than my fridge. I think my hips are wider than the dishwasher. Don't worry though, the oven can still fit a full size turkey (that would have been a deal breaker, believe it or not)!

View from the Living Room

Can you say BOOK SPACE??? Ok, prolly some sheets and blankets too, but...nahhhhhh, BOOK SPACE!!!

And I can say that because THIS is the closet! One in each room! Plus, that's only HALF the closet. I could prolly live in just the closet alone...but I'm not gonna! :)

Okay, now that that bit of bragging is completed, I am going to say I've now gotten out my last proposal of January. Woohoo! That one is headed to SamHain. :) In other writing news, I must admit to having removed Raven from consideration to Cerridwen. I believe it might find a home elsewhere, which is what I'm looking for, but the response from the very kind editor there also informed me that the current wait for Cerridwen "is now two to twelve months before response". I was hitting 8. Just thought I'd lay that biscuit out for anyone still waiting. I'm not sure if that amount of time applies to EC, but as they are linked, I'm thinking that one should consider it when waiting for a response from them as well. (Which works out for me as I totally don't have time right now to work on my EC submission. Maybe in March or April. We'll see. :))

Big smooches all around!


Shesawriter said...


That is some place! Wow! It's beautiful. No wonder you're doing cartwheels! Congrats!


robynl said...

Wow, lucky you. Very nice and I can see why you are so excited.

Dee said...

LOL, thanks! I'm a happy camper! Aside from all the label fun, lol, I'm going to a nice place, lol! And the kid doesn't even have to change schools! It's heaven! :)


Kate Hardy said...

It's lovely, Dee! Hope the move goes REALLY smoothly.