Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Overdo? Me?? Nahhhhh....ow

Okay, I hit the wall. It was bad of me. I can't help it. Some things needed to be done and in order to know they're done right--and in a timely fashion--I did them myself. Assembling our desks, making the beds--though I was good and had sister help me move the mattresses on one. Boxes had to be shifted. And I had to fall into a lump. By 7pm, I could barely move my legs and the cramping was so bad even laying down didn't help. (Sadly, have not unpacked the heating pad yet.)

So, I'm on Hubby's orders to take it easy today. Is he a wonderful man or WHAT? :)

I'm hoping to have some pics of the new apartment soon. Just want to get mildly set up before I do that.

In the meantime, I'm going to work and watch Full Metal Alchemist again. LOVE that series!

Smooches All,
(the lump)


Shesawriter said...

Yes, slow down before you burn completely out. And I can' wait to see your new pics.



Hazel Hazel said...

You deserve a break. Enjoy it!