Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Karma's A Bitch, folks...

Sorry, lol, but it is. I was just discussing with hubby that when we do things wrong, karma is a bit more instantaneous for us. Cut off a car in the parking lot...can't do what you went to the mall for. Or someone ruins your movie. Or you fall down and break something.

So, I got happy and bragged about stealing signal.

And not ten minutes neighbor locked up their signal.

Apparently, life IS fair folks. People just think that being fair is equivalent to getting their way, lol.

So, now I'm at the coffee shop and prolly won't be able to take the time to blog.



Shesawriter said...


You're a very, very, very, bad baby. LOL!


Lyn Cash said...

Back a couple of decades ago before there was "stealing" cable, a friend moved into a tiny, tiny, minuscule tiny house, and she was dirt poor broke at the time. I found a cable running from outside and hooked up her tv, thinking oh, how nice--her rent comes with free cable.

When she got cut, we found the same cable outside the house a few feet shorter and hooked up paper clips to it and strung them back inside. Week or two later...the cable is much, much shorter.

Couple of boxes of paper clips later, she has cable. This goes on for a couple of months. Then one day the cable is cut, and the cable guy whacked it off at the top of the pole with a cardboard sign that read: NOW let's see you hook it up.

He was cute and had a nice butt if it's the same guy who came back the next day AFTER she went to the cable office and paid the bill. *grin*