Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Okay, so I lied...

I really didn't think I'd be able to post. Turns out, if you can continue to work with the use of theivery, lol, you CAN steal other people's internet signal and not care. :) Okay, it's not totally theivery. One of my neighbors has unprotected signal. It's low, but totally workable. Can't get on MSN, but my Yahoo messenger is working quite well.

So, snags in the move.

1) My prepaid phone won't work and I'm not paying 50 bucks for three days of phone service.

2) As Moos tend to do, my Moo decided to come down with a vomitous flu three days before the move. SO, he's here next to me, giggling at Spongebob Squarepants. Thankfully, the fever seems to have gone away, but the miracle is that he let me medicate him. Correction: he opened his mouth, allowed me to squirt in 2 TBSPs into his mouth a half a tbsp at a time. This is the kid that usually fights, claws and spits drops at a time, even when he had pneumonia. He's also taken to eating hamburgers and hot dogs...with buns. Considering he considered bread sacrilege until two months ago, that's a miracle.

3) I discovered the game Cubis on yahoo. It's evil how fast a clock can move but my OCD is in love. :)

Wish us luck as hubby hopefully gets his annual review from work today. It's rare for his work to last over a year, so he's understandably nervous, but I feel he's going to do well. And we were talking the other night and realized that in the many moves of our life together, this is the first move we're making by choice. The job didn't fall through. The apartment isn't worse. And in my gut, I know this is just the beginning of a great year.

But in more important news, lol, I'm thinking up all kinds of new features for my webpage this year, which includes getting a domain and setting up a links page. Joining a webring. Plot, plot, plot! AND my muse is gnawing on my leg so I know I'll be able to write when we get settled!

Okay, back to work for me!

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