Thursday, January 12, 2006

Anyone Else Have Blog Probs?

It was a weird day yesterday. The few blogs that loaded for me wouldn't allow me to comment! Me! I mean, my God, what if I'd had a witty moment? You all might have been ROBBED!

Aside from that, the only thing coming to mind this morning is how freakin' bad I need a bag of chips. Cheetos. Cheese Nips. SOMEthing. I'm almost tempted to drag my fat ass out to the store, but thankfully I'm broke so the ass has the tiniest opportunity to shrink.

I'm thinking writing is possibly the most interesting thing there is about me. My only other major accomplishment is that I can crack a joke in .2 seconds and I can wash (but not fold) laundry.

Update: I have decided to save the boy from death by gnawing and raided the kitchen for something salty. Bacon! In a fit of guilt I stripped the meat from the fat...and came up with a lot less bacon. But, I'm satisfied and the child will be thankful.

So, in an effort to stand myself, I'm probably going to break my writing moratorium and screw the packing. :)

Back later!


Shesawriter said...

I was completely unproductive today. I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I know good and well I need to be plotting this book, or at the very least, finishing one of the craft books I started, but I did nothing but watch the Sci-Fi channel today. I'm so ashamed.


Hazel Hazel said...

I had some problems posting comments yesterday too, but only on Blogger.

Dee said...

LOL, as long as there was something GOOD on the Sci Fi channel. Believe it or not, I worked. Not on the book, unfortunately, but I did trim a heck of a lot of fat off my emailbox. I had roughly four hundred emails since December still in my inbox and unfiled. And my files...ACK! That was scary. I had backdated stuff since 04. So, I'm officially clean. :)

I know, I'm a failure, lol!