Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bad Monkey

Oy VE, has it been a thrilling last couple of days?

Nope, not here, lol!

Apologies for not getting back to my blogging earlier. It's been crazy with last minute move screw ups, one of which was the fact that my computer crashed and I have it up so I can back up all the info I can get. Then, I'll have to restore it. WHINE!

But, after that, I should be right as rain. For the time being, I have to tilt it every now and then so I can keep it running smooth. (NO idea why that is, but it works, who am I to complain?)

Back soon!


Nicole Reising said...

Hi Dee!

I sooo feel for you and your computer problems. My computer crashed just before christmas and it started a land slide of procrastination for me on my ms that I'm revising. (Back in the groove now.)

I hope that you get yours working soon!

See you at the Read with Hosty. My book still hasn't come. Hopefully soon. I had to order - not that, that was a bad thing - just that they didn't have it here in town which would have been simpler, quicker not to mention cheaper. But, oh well, as long as it gets here soon! :)

Have a great day! Cole

Shesawriter said...

Still waiting for pictures of your place, Dee. I posted pics of my writing space. Go see! :-)