Thursday, September 29, 2005


Howdy everyone!

As you know, I generally take a day to discuss me and my son. He's what you'd call a unique little boy. Sadly, this week he's fairly typical and has gotten a bitter taste of second grade.

Yes, the boy done caught a bug.

Then he brought it home to share.

A form of rotovirus, which means even if nothing goes in him, something is coming out. Violently. Thankfully, as I'm the only one who handles the boy when he's turned his fluids into a projectile, I have more antibodies than him and appear to be keeping most of my business to myself. But, I have the low grade fever and according to the doctor, we should both expect it to last a few weeks. The bonus is that most likely will lose weight. Ah well.

Anyhoo, so I mentioned that I would be posting some of Moo's fabulous feats. First off, this week we actually got him to attempt to eat a carrot. And took photos for posterity.

Carrot piece came out of his mouth in record time, but he actually bit into it!

Also here is some close ups of Moo's Kinnex plane. He tried to build the one in the booklet, but found it either too basic or simply too much a waste of his playtime. So, he stripped it down and redesigned himself a plane from scratch. The only pieces that anyone else designed were the four far corners of the wings. He wanted a cargo plane with some three-dimensional body and an undercarriage. It took him one month and three designs to come up with this one so that the tail had support. It's been intact since July 4th. Not bad for a seven year old, considering that Mommy and Daddy were not allowed to help and he's been known to sleep with it.



Anna Lucia said...

That's quite something, Dee! I had to laugh when I saw the carrot photo - I went, "My God, he's eating a carro... oh, he spit it out. Damn."

Shesawriter said...

He's a sweetie, Dee. How cute! :-)