Friday, September 23, 2005

"Wishes Are Like Children"

I was recently asked a not so unusual question...which is why it probably put me into a paroxysm of indecision. At first, I was sure I knew the answer. But then...then the doubts arose and I wondered why I was so sure.

You see, someone asked me which of my manuscripts is my favorite, most publishable, piece of work.

My mind immediately ran to the last ms I wrote, which is hands down my favorite. I loved the characters, they had strong conflicts, they were utter smart-alecks and they were crafty. There's just something about intelligent characters that can really get a writer hopped up. For the first time, the book seems to have everything--characters, motivations, conflicts, depth and the real miracle...PLOT.

But is it my favorite because it's the last thing I wrote? The last complete thing?

Is it my favorite because the writing elements seem to have come together for the first time in my life? Is that more important than the characters inside?

What about the story with the virgin out to drive the town wild? Or the tomboy cum hot chick out to get her best friend? Didn't I love those? Don't I still? Are mss really like our children and we love them equally? Or is that another lie our mother's tell us "for our own good"?

How do you go about picking your favorite piece of work to pitch or just to answer a simple question from a friend?


THIS! Christine said...

I don't know Dee, my favourite is still the first one I wrote. I just love that story, the characters, the plot. It was rejected faster than a turnstile smacking you on the ass, and yet I still love it.

It has another chance at life, having been (to my utter shock), requested again. And yet, I find myself reluctant to expose my baby to such harsh criticism a second time.

I'm a wuss,

Having read a lot of your stuff, yep Lucas is fabu... but so is Raven (I don't care what anyone says, I'll go to my grave touting Raven) and if you're looking to explore ST, Raven's family is a great place to start.

I'm such a fan girl.


Jenne said...

Ha ha ha... Dee! Are you accusing your parents of telling you lies?! As you probably know (or suspect) I've never finished a book-length MS, so I really can't answer your question... but I do find it to be an interesting one. Let me know when you finally decide. :) I've read a lot of your stuff, and I would have a hard time picking my fav. :)

Dee said...

Raven is totally one of my favorites, but it's hard not to love Lucas more. He's WAY more grumpy and he's finally giving into his Alpha side, lol. Something about a man that takes charge...and the woman who kicks his ass for it, lol. :)

If I go for ST, I'll probably make a Remington Legacy. know that means agent hunting, don't you?

Two guesses what next's weeks blogs will be about, whimper.


Dee said...

Oh, and Jenne, lol, TOTALLY accusing the parents of lying, lol!!


Anna Lucia said...

I think a writer always knows instinctively what is their strongest book - and that's different from their favourite.

And YES! *punches air* That trilogy has always been BEGGING to go ST.

Shesawriter said...

My favorite is the one I'm working on at the moment! LOL!