Wednesday, September 14, 2005

All Quiet On The Western Front?

Is it me...or is no one out there blogging much? Are we all too busy? Or have we discovered that we’re really boring? LOL!

I do the rounds of the blogs I’ve been reading and if they are blogging, I’m not really in a “commenting” kind of mood.

Am I alone in the blogsphere?

LOL, I know I’m not, but it just seems so quiet everywhere. It’s got a sort of Twillight Zone feeling. Maybe everyone is just out writing.


All right, well, here’s hoping y’all are having more fun than me. I’ve increased the resistance on my stationary bike and consider that all the excitement I can handle for one week.

Hugs to all!


THIS! Christine said...

Geez, needy much?

I'm here, I'm here.


Dee said...


Actually, lol, this is your fault. You got me into daily blog reading and now I get disappointed when people don't blog in over a day, lol.

More like, Impatient much?? LOL!


Jenne said...

ROFL Dee. I got a little miffed at a few of you bloggers myself a while ago. How dare you not share when I'm in the mood for reading?! ;) I feel your pain.

WTG on the bike. You suck. ;)

jack said...

Strange, I was not compelled to write today, either. I've satisfied myself by perusing other people's blogs.

You offer good tips here. Thanks you.