Saturday, September 03, 2005

Five Friday Tidbits

Okay, okay, it's Saturday. I'm late. Sorry! But I'll admit, I was having a family day with hubby and kid and that kinda superceded everything. It's also first on my Friday list of things to be grateful for.

1) Hubby took a day off. Normally, this isn't recommended, but the man has been slaving for months. He needed some down time and believe it or not, he wanted it with me and Moo. :) (I know, signs of serious strain! LOL) We didn't go anywhere special. We walked at the mall. He got a CD. We went to the grocery store. We came home and watched movies together. It was just a really nice time. SO grateful that we get to do that every now and then because, sweet lord, how I love that man.

2) My website is fixed! Okay, here's the skinny. It's no secret I don't particularly like PCs. I'm a Mac user. I like the simplicity. I like the clean lines. I REALLY like having all of my hair at the end of the day. I don't mention this lightly. I had a PC, nearly 10 years ago. I nearly smashed it on the ground, I've never wanted anything to die so badly. But, I digress. So, I have been happily making the website, getting really pleased at the table skills and such, only to discover that PCs weren't only not able to see the tables...just about every inch of the site looked like someone took a jigsaw to it if you viewed it with a PC. I had two professional webdesigners look at it for me and they said the code was right, it should have worked...but it wasn't and they couldn't say for sure why. Turns out that Geocities reads one thing wrong--the comment links. In HTML, you can label parts of your table without it showing or messing up the code. Geocities saw those labels as reason to completely blind out the tables. (Insert much screaming here.) Then, the header image wouldn't fit right on a PC--some weird white border around the image no matter what I did. Cracked that one last night! (Marginwidth is your friend.) So, my PC friends, if you were to click on my site now, it is actually a functional site! WOOHOO!

3) Labor Day weekend. I am SO thrilled. We'll prolly go to a BBQ at the in-laws, but mostly, it's going to be the laziest darn weekend and I'm totally okay with that. :) I could use some laze.

4) I picked up my MS again. The one that requires another 6500 words. I was able to see better where there's places to layer. Scenes can be fixed. The god-awful speedy ending needs to be slowed down. It can be fixed and I'm not freaking out about it.

5) I begin the countdown til Moo goes back to school. Oh, beloved school, I have missed you so! That's right, boy has six days until he can go back. Which means, he will stop pointing at all the Back-To-School commercials with tears in his eyes and begging for school. (Hey, I feed, clothe and mother him. I never claimed to be Chuckie Cheese.) Soon, Moo and I will be back in love, since I'll be able to write (Glory Hallelujah!) and he'll be able to play with other kids and learn stuff again! Oh, sweet schedule, return to me! :) So, for the next couple of days, you will see a countdown on the bottom of each blog post until Sept 8th.

Extra thanks that my friend Larissa and her family are safe. Please be sure to check out the auction--I'll post a link when it's live--to help her out, as she has lost her home and pretty much all of her belongings. Sending out all my hopes for those struggling from Katrina.

Much love to all,


Jaye said...

Just checked out your site, hon. Nicely done, and good matchup (design-wise) with the blog. :-)

Shesawriter said...


DH BBQ'd hamburgers and hot dogs, but I didn't eat any of it. I wasn't in the mood for greasy burgers. :-)


Dee said...

Thanks Jaye! Thank God for Central Park or I'd not have had any trees for the header, lol. I laugh because people are going to start thinking that I love Green or something, when really, I just like tranquilty and nature. (Not that you'd be able to tell that by being around me, lol!

Tanya, LOL! I went to a family BBQ and we played poker for hours. Since there were no chips, turns out my MIL had some ancient vitamins she was throwing out...we had fun playing with medicine. ("I see your brown pill and raise you a teal!")

Hope you all had a great weekend!