Friday, September 09, 2005

Five Friday Tidbits

Okay, lets start with the obvious:

1) The Boy Is Back In School!!! Thank you, God! I even had cramp reduction. I'm now looking into seeing if there's a way to train my body into having all bathroom requirements made while he's gone.

2) I know that I've been blathering on about my website, but I can now officially (damn PCs, included) upgrade it from "craptastic" to "marginally professional"! Changed the color scheme, discovered the power of CSS and even have all my excerpts properly formatted. Now to write DECENT crap to put in it!

3) I'm not sick. Pet is. And while she denies it's bronchitis, not one of us here has gotten more than a sniffle. (Since no one can dare call me healthy, this is miraculous.)

4) I finally connected emotionally with the heroine of the book I'm editing. I see her. *makes gesture of my eye to her eye* She's not getting away from ME again! HA! Suddenly, it all looks like it's going to get done. QUICKLY! Woohoo!

5) Little sister is pregnant. She's happy about it. (I asked, prior to congratulating.) I must admit, I had a brief flash of jealousy--I'm human. I had a less brief bout of irritation when she chose the announcement time to remind me that it's much smarter to have your children close together, so they aren't lonely. (If I got preggers tonight, Moo would still be 8 by the time the kid came out.) But, she's happy and more importantly, I didn't kill her. Maybe the hormone wave is receding? WooHOO!

Oh, and gang, if you go through a little Dee-pression, you'll find my Belfry Blog up tomorrow morning! (Click on the sidebar link to take you right to it!)

Have a great weekend!


Shesawriter said...


I just checked your website. I love the picture in the upper left corner and the colors go great. :-)


Dee said...

Thanks Tanya!!

LOL, It was a little pea green for me before. I like the blue-green slate green here on the blog, lol, so I ripped it off, lol. Once I did that, I had to redesign whole hog and it just seems to fit me much better. I still plan to redo the top border but for now, lol, it's finally functional. :)

Have to thank X for that pic, though. She's my photographic angel. :)

Shesawriter said...

I have a tendency to shy away from green, but when done well, it looks real classy. Yours does especially.


Anna Lucia said...

Oh, I agree green's classy! Nice look, Dee-Bee.

And my gut still clutches in jealousy even when I see totally pregnant total strangers... It's natural, sweets.

Jenne said...

I just have to say I love ya, Dee! Hugs.