Thursday, October 20, 2005

Momma and the Machine

Sadly, there's nothing erotica in THIS post.

Okay, so, Moo wants to be Batman. I found a pile of black leatherette for five bucks. Suuuuure, I can make the Cape and Cowl!

What was I thinking??

Well, It took all day--and some of this morning, but the cowl is all but built. The tricky part? Well, currently, it's the ears...who knew those bat ears were so hard to get right? But interestingly, it's been getting the size of Moo's head right. I had it set to be a seamless looking head shaping cowl. Well, the boy's head is somewhat round. Particularly to the back. The curves--already evil when sewing--proved to be most difficult. The pattern I designed would work for an adult, but proved way too large for the boy. So, in taking it down, I discovered to cup his head, my curves had to be completely different. I've taken pictures just about every step of the way. When the costume is complete, I plan to post them all here so you can see the journey from pile of fabric to happy kid on Halloween. I hope.

Now how to attach that cape....


Jenne said...

You are such a great mom! I can remember fondly that my mom used to make all my halloween costumes for me. I bought Eve's. I'm such a lazy girl. Anyway, when Mom made capes from my brothers' costumes, she sewed small velcro tags to the shoulders of whatever shirt they were going to wear, and then sewed opposite tags of velcro on to the top edge of the cape. Worked really well.

Since you're taking pictures, check out this site, and consider posting your project. Warning, this place is *v.* addicting.

Anonymous said...

Kate wants to be Cinderella, which will look mighty funny, what with her being Chinese with long dark hair. But hey, Disney has corrupted even her mind! I'm not about to tell her she can't be Cinderella!

For Kate's last birthday, my sister gave her the "real" Cinderella dress (the Wally World special -- she got it on sale.). I figured the rest would be easy. ENHHHHH! Wrong answer buzzer going off. We have found the "glass" slippers, I can handle the blue headband, and we'll figure out someway to make that silky dark hairs of hers stay up (hairspray's helpful!). The GLOVES, however, are the sticking point, and Kate is INSISTING that Cinderella MUST have gloves. Not just any old gloves, but they MUST be past the elbows and BLUE, just like in the Disney version.

Sheesh. Walt causes me SO many problems.


Dee said...

Jenne--LOL, okay, that place is HUGE! Oddly enough, I'm backing a bit off the sewing machine. It threw three needles in two days. It's not the fabric. First the foot loosened and bam! Didn't know it was the foot...BAM again. Then, foot tight, it STILL threw a needle. Siiiiiigh. Hubby not going to be pleased--I've been using HIS sewing machine, lol.

Cynthia--awwww, how cute. Let's see, if you go to a bridal shop or a prom dress spot, they might have the gloves for relatively cheap. Found some on ebay for you for 5 bucks, new! ( ) Hope that helps!