Monday, October 24, 2005

Fun With Dee & Pain

I am a writer. What I am not is a chooser.

One of hubby's pet peeves is that I don't have a food drive. Most people have an idea what they want to eat. Particularly when they're starving. I can be verging on complete collapse (hypoglycemic) and not have a bloody, blinkin' clue. I, like my poor kid, am a product of advertising. I see a billboard and go, "Oh, I'll eat that!" Comercials never fail with me. I am one of those pathetic souls who probably COULD be hypnotized into clucking in public. I am, not to put too fine a point on it, a Suggestion Slut.

So, when it comes to choosing a new project, I am overwhelmed with confusion. Add to this that I have multi-genre ideas and I'm flat out screwed. My last three projects were chosen by an editor and I was quite happy with that. But she's not going to be interested in choosing for another line and she's already got her plate chock full of stuff from me. Which means I need to do this on my own.

And you SOOOOO know that's not going to happen. So, here's the deal: Y'all get to choose for me.

Oh yes, I'm going to give you the briefest logline and genre and whatever wins the vote--provided more than three people make a vote--I'll work on next. The choices are:

Erotica/Comedy: When an unhappily oversheltered woman learns that her brother thinks he can arrange a marriage for her, she goes out for a little revenge.

Erotic/Comedy: He thinks she's morally corupt. She thinks he's a highhanded schmuck with cement up his crack. And yet, they keep falling in bed together. Which wouldn't be a problem if they'd managed not to get caught...

Single Title/Thriller: When the only clue to why someone is trying to kill you is the beautiful assasin you've caught in the act, how far can you trust her to lead you to the truth?

Single Title/Paranormal: Four sisters, one gift that effects them all. Can they hide from the magic in their blood? Or will their fate be the same as those doomed before them?

Okay, closing my eyes and hoping for the best,


Jessica Raymond said...

I vote for "morally corrupt/cement up crack"!

Anonymous said...

Okay, all of 'em peaked my interest and the "cement up the crack" one make me laugh out loud; but, while your comedies are balm to my soul, it's the paranormal that's got me nodding my head cartoon-like going "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."

So, now, as the big dumb brown and white cartoon dog said to the little scrawny gray cartoon one..."Which way do we go George? Which way do we go?"


Dee said...

LOL, hmm, well, the sisters started talking yesterday. Might end up picking at all four of them for the next few months, I'm not really sure. :) Well, we'll keep trying.

Thanks ladies!!

Jenne said...

I say go for the paranormal. Only because that's my favorite. Assuming, of course, this is paranormal romance, because if it's not... well, it's not nearly as much fun... and then I'd like to find out more about the cement guy. ;)