Monday, October 17, 2005

Late To The Party...

Well, it appears I've caught up to my committments, for the most part. My house is clean, my kid has been diagnosed (shockaroo, folks, he's autistic! *GASP!*--actually, the dr was quite nice and agrees that Moo has come incredibly far--, and the bigger surprise, the laundry is done. I've even managed to get back on track with work. Now the only thing I'm behind on?

Writing, of course.

I simply have to redefine my daily schedule. I'm a morning writer. That's just the way it is. Hubby, kid, yes, even the sibling, get in the way at night. I can multi-task, but writing takes full bore focus. Even editing. Maybe especially editing. But if I write in the morning, my blog time shifts to nights. Which brings me to today's subject.

Do you ever feel that you blog too late in the day? Or, by the time you get to the blogs you want to read, they've been commented like mad and you feel like you're only saying what's already been said? What time is too late to blog hop? Is there a such thing?


Marianne Arkins said...

Oh My... it's never too late to blog hop! Besides, what other excuse can I use to NOT write?

Good luck with your son.

THIS! Christine said...

Doll Face!

Late night blog hopping (whoring!!) is guaranteed to inspire some bit of info for you to blog about.

Although morning blog hopping is also good... then there's the advantages of afternoon blog hopping.

And what about the days you get sucked into a really cool blog, with lots of comments you have to keep updating to read?

There's no bad time to blog.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Dee, another thing I admire about you, dang it. A morning writer. Sheesh. I can't focus until 9 p.m. at night ...

Oh, yeah, I've tried that ol' "get-up-at-5:30" routine. I just sit bleary-eyed in front of the computer and realize that I could have had much better sleep in bed!

As far as blog-hopping, I do that at night, too. Or maybe I sneak it in during the day job. I like to read all the comments and go, "Uh-huh, uh-huh, amen, sistah!"

Cynthia R.

Rae said...

Dee, I dunno when the best time to blog is or isn't. I think it's hit and miss for the most part and it depends upon your topic.

I can't write in the mornings--okay, so technically I'm writing and it's almost 3:30 am on my side of the world.

As for the Moo and his diagnosis. He has come a long way and he'll even come further. I have faith. That's what Auntie's are for. When he spoke to me on the phone this evening, I felt like crying. Not sad tears, happy tears.

And you must realize that he wouldn't have come so far if he didn't have you for a mommy.

Dee said...

Awww, Rae, darn it, now you got me all eye-tingly! Thanks. He's a cute little rugrat. Or rather couch rat. I think I just get used to each stage of his changes after a while, it's hard to think back to what he used to be like. But I'm always proud of him. :)

LOL, ah, late night whoring. Yes, I should have put that together as a good combo, lol. So, maybe I should do that. Okay, will try to do my blogging in the evenings. We'll see how that goes. If only I wasn't so schedule-oriented.

LOL Cynthia--I wish I could be a night owl. I can't cut it. Everytime I sit down to work on the computer after 9 pm I fall over midsentence. It's actually somewhat embarassing. Poor X has spent more time pinging me to tell me to wake up and close the laptop, lol. If anything, it's just that my mother wakes up pre-dawn and considers that daytime. So, she always had us up early. Now I can't seem to sleep if there's sunlight. I'd get mad at her, but she always made good breakfast, so I can't say I had complaints, lol.

Okay, posting today's TTT now. :)

Jenne said...

Here I am, so late in my blog hopping that any thing I have to say is repeat, repeat, repeat. The best time to blog hop is when you should be doing something else instead. ;)

Bronwyn Jameson said...

Hugs, Dee and Moo. And I can't comment on the best-time biz because I'm so out of whack with y'all on my side of the world!