Friday, December 02, 2005

Time Doesn't Fly....

It skyrockets like a bat out of hell.

So now it's Friday morning and as usual, I feel like I'm falling behind. Moo pulled up sick, the poor kid. He came home the day before yesterday lay on the floor and didn't get up for six hours. This is the kid I usually beg to sit still long enough to eat his dinner. I feel so bad to see him this way and he's a bear to medicate.

Now, I'm not complaining, but is it me or does the onset of December mean that there's suddenly so much more to do? Less time, less energy, less everything. Last night I had the hugest impulse to write...and by then I was falling asleep on the couch. My first real impulse in months! And all I could do was think about the things I hadn't done yet. HTML that wasn't completed. Links not finished. Items not built. Schedules not finalized. Shoot, I haven't even had tme to fix the broken screws on my bed and that'll take five minutes, tops. And that's not even my writing work.

Now, I know that it's often said I invent work for myself. I make things harder than it has to be. I want my work to look right and more importantly BE right. I don't think I have particularly high standards--if you saw the way I look around noon every day, you'd know...I don't have high standards--but I want to get all my bases covered. I think it's a quality that makes me a good writer, when I can incorporate it into my editing and plotting. But it probably makes me difficult to others. Clean the kitchen, you better wipe the counters. Build a discussion, make it worth the author's time to promote there. Write a story, make it complete.

Eh, I prolly just have the blahs. Hope your December is starting off with a better mood than mine. :)

PS--I toned down the white titles. Less eye-stinging? Or too hard to read?



MaryF said...

I hope Moo is better soon! I remember the summer right after kindergarten, my son slept for almost the whole week after school got out. He was so wiped!

Dee said...
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Dee said...

Thanks Mary! He seems to be doing okay. He coughs and sneezes something ugly. But he's conscious, lol. In fact, he's presently laying all over me. :) Hopefully, he'll go back to school on Monday. :)


Lyn Cash said...

aaw - It's so tough when the little ones are down. As for you, Missy, you're one of the most upbeat people on the planet. You may just be having your down time after such an exciting November.


Jaye said...

Glad to hear Moo is on the mend. They drive you bonkers when they're usual selves, but the minute they aren't, we mommies start wringing our hands. lol. Can't win.

I've been on meltdown mode for awhile, it hasn't just been December unfortunately. :-P

Hope you get some writing time in hon, and once again, Congratulations!! I'm soo happy for you. :-)

Shesawriter said...


Glad to hear he's better. As for the eye strain, I find that off-white (tan) works. White doesn't bother me at all though. I like the look of your blog ... but then I'm biased. :-)


Dee said...

LOL, Tanya, I know you are. But if I went tan, I'd be stealing your style babe! :) Glad you like it!

Jaye--ain't that the truth? LOL! Still, I think you'd have to be really a horrible person not to wring your hands when the Energizer Bunny lays on the ground and can't even get up to pee without falling over twice.

Sadly, he's still home. He's been doing pretty well, but started hacking like my two pack a day Dad used to. Almost sent him to school anyway, but he's so goopy I just know the teachers don't want him there like this. Tomorrow. Please, God, tomorrow, lol.

For now, since his brain is okay, he's been told he has to do computer learning games instead of movies. The boy must learn, no matter where he's at. :)