Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Promises, promises...

I keep making them, to myself and to others, thinking I have the slightest clue what I'm doing. I keep most of them. It's just the little ones that are driving me bonkers. Let's go to bed early...I'll copy that disc and get it right off to you...I just need five more minutes and I'll take care of that thing for you...I'll blog every day...I'm GOING to do my blog rounds today, definitely....

Is it the holidays? Or is it just me? Am I just tired of doing and want to sit for a bit? I often wonder if that's just too much to ask. But I have loads of laundry awaiting me and a full days work and I'm thinking, yeah, it probably is.

Is anyone else having trouble fitting their life into their day, and yet, when people ask what you're up to, do you find yourself saying, "Oh, nothing interesting." Or maybe it's just that I'm spending all my time trying to figure out HOW to do everything instead of just doing it.

And is anyone writing?

1 comment:

Lis said...

*raises hand* You've pretty much summed up my week. Though I'm forcing myself to write a few words down today.
Happy new year!