Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday Mooing

My Chargers! WAAAAH! They lose, to the Dolphins of all people. Granted, there's some sort of curse against the D's ever since beating them up in 1982, but come on. I blame one thing: The Offensive line just couldn't hold a drop of water. Not that I don't love them, but perhaps too many injuries and trading off of guys finally caught up. Not sure. I just hope this inspires them to beat Indy. I just don't know if they're still ahead in the wild card placement. I mean, come on, why couldn't Pittsburgh lose? Just for me. Don't they owe me? *nailbiting* (Just caught SportCenter...Pittsburgh just one upped us for the wildcard slot. Sorry Rae, have to hope them a few losses!)

Spent the weekend with some technical work and a surprise visit to my mother's yesterday. Moo got to hang out with his cousin--one of the only three boys in our family--which just made his lifetime. We finally got a few of the small presents wrapped and under the tree. The boy spent a good half hour under the tree trying to hug them all at once.

Big News:

1) My son is a smart ass. He's witty, but there's limitations to that because he doesn't quite have all the nuance that I fear he will in a few years. So, he's just been served a mini-pizza and it's hot like you wouldn't believe. He touches it, desperate to try it, but dropps it because, yes Mom, it really MIGHT still be on fire. I tell him to blow on it first. Puff. Puff. OW!!! So, I say, "Count to ten first." What does the fruit of my loins say? "Ok. One. To. Ten." Fingers were burned but pizza was good.

2) The boy ate a hamburger. A whole one. With a bun! I make a lot of effort not to have a reaction when he eats something he normally wouldn't touch with his life on the line. Plus, he ate apple. APPLE! Fresh one! He even chewed it! I'm in Mommy Heaven!!

Hope you all had as interesting a weekend as me!

(Sidenote: Coming up on the 5000th click on this blog! How's that for cool??)


April Joleen said...

Have to say I'll be rooting for Indy!! Go colts!!! Ever since Cato June and another player visited the school my boys have to watch every game. Oh joy!! they are only 6 and 7, guess I have lots of football nights to look forward to.

Congrats on the hamburger and apple. This weekend my son decided not to fight back!! I was in shock. His brohter shoved him,..and instead of doing the old standby of shoving him right back, he came up to me and said, "Momma, J. Pushed me, and I did not hit him back but I would like it if you would discipline him now. Severely." No joke those were his exact words LMBO

Anna Lucia said...


Okay, now you just have to start making hamburger with grated carrot and onion in it, and you're away... let's play hide the veg.

And no, that wasn't a dirty suggestion, put that courgette away.

Dee said...

ROFL @ "Severely"! Hubby jokes that I'm Brittish because I get polite when I'm angry. Or embarassed. The more extreme the emotion, lol, the more polite and upgraded my language gets. He snickers because I'm the only soul he knows that uses the word "Regretably" in usual speech, lol. Give that kid a hug, April!

Anna--lol, I've considered grinding his veggies into his meat, but he knows me too well. One, he has the taste capability of a bloodhound. He knows when anything is different. Also, lol, he's suspicious as hell, so he inspects what I feed him--well, what anyone feeds him, actually--before biting a thing. I've wondered what his criteria is for years. He plucks up what he's going to eat, gauges the shape, the color, holds it up to light, inspects the thickness and if it passes muster, he'll eat it. If not...oh well. Good try. It'd be psychotic if I didn't have food criteria myself, lol.


Dee said...

British--Sorry Anna! I never spell that right! (A sure sign I'm not, don't you think?)


Shesawriter said...

Sorry, Dee. I'm not a football fan, but you go girl! :-)


Jaye said...

Congrats on the eating milestones for ds!

Not a football fan, so no comment. :-P