Sunday, February 06, 2005

Coming Back Up To Date: Feb 6, 2005

Yup, I quickly fell off the wagon.

So, here we are, Sunday night and watching Stuart Little. He's gone through a few weeks of not eating anything but Pizza, but he's recovering. We've regained muffins, pb&j and the occasional burger. He's currently on the other side of the couch wearing a motorcycle helmet--a sea of toys between us--while his Daddy sleeps on the floor. I'm supposed to be working and I'll get to that. I'm a little worn out from the day.

I knew I was going to eat cake. So, I tacked a few extra miles on my morning stationery cycling.

Ten miles a day is, easily said, not what God intended for me. Neither was six loads of laundry, but I did that too.

At least the cake was good.

Next is doing my work, then I was considering the value of sleeping. I'm also fairly haunted by my new book idea and of course, incredibly naseous at the prospect that my last project landed sometime on Friday, signed for by someone named Tony. Whereever you are, buddy, I hope you're having something good to eat!

My husband and I are on a quest to rediscovering our bone structure...well, okay, fitting into our pants. We're on the cushy side of squishy. He's a bit more squishy than me, but that's just our dynamic. Believe me, if he were less squishy, he'd be way hotter than me. Not sure how I'd feel about that, lol.

Gio is making giant strides again, though, having drawn his first landscape picture. He's drawn spaceships and really made my day a few weeks ago by drawing a bowling ball (with a happy face, no less!) But this is really the first original representation he's ever made. I'm calling it a good week. :)

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