Wednesday, March 08, 2006

*Scratching Head...*

So, okay, I finally got my own web domain. :) Which is exciting! But, I prolly won't get it all transferred over until this weekend. So, I thought I'd look to see about adding wordpress and doing my own blog on my own site.

Who knew Wordpress was such a pain in the ass?

So, after much annoyance getting my blog formatted mostly the way I want it, I discovered that my "categories" don't really seem to work. I can make them...I just can't use them. Wordpress seems to be another one of those programs that requires you to find a template so that you don't actually know what's going on. Want a new function? Get a plug-in. Everything is on a separate page.... sigh.

What do y'all think? Is it smart to change my blog? My website, yes, but should I just keep going on this one?



Nicole Reising said...

Hi Dee -

I'm not about to tell you what to do. :-) But I can tell you I thought that exact same thing - what a pain in the ass! I've got several writer friends that all use wordpress and kept hearing about how its got more options. So I've ambled over there, made a blog and am learning. I'm not changing anytime soon. In my humble opinion - blogger is much more user friendly. I am not figuring out wordpress very quickly. I spend more time 'looking' up what their phrases mean then doing anything. Yet, I think -- would it be more professional to have it all in one?

I'm not sure. I do know that until I've figured out how to use it smoothly and do all that I want... I'm offically using blogger and freewebs. The links work well, no breaks or anything and maybe theres no need to have it all in one spot -- I mean if its working, why fix it?

:-) But I'm still playing with my blog at wordpress - just because I hate to think anything got the best of me! :-)

Good luck on your choices!

Anna Lucia said...

My take (and this is from a non-webby person, just observing the behaviour of my more exalted html-knowledgeable peers) is that WP is more flexible than blogger and can do more, but I've seen plenty of hair-tearing from people trying to get WP to do exactly what they want.

Another advantage of blogger, I think, is it's easy googlability. Someone will now jump in here and say, "oh, but it's easy to get your blog recognised by google, you just *insert incomprehensible gobbledygook here*"

But with blogger, I don't HAVE to understand any of that... *evil grin*

Dee said...

LOL, Anna, that's what I thought, too, but when I'm blog is nowhere to be found! WP gives your blog RSS feeds automatically and voila, Googlicious!

And, Blogger breaks down a lot. I couldn't comment last night--again--and this is not necessarily a good thing, lol.

Cole, I think I'll prolly do what you're doing. Mess with it until I can control it. Personally, I'd be fine if I could just get to choose my category. That would make my life nice and easy. *Pout*

I'll get it sorted, though.