Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Friday!!

I know, blogging late again. Sorry about that!

So, I've just finished editing the first half of the WIP. The one I was lamenting single title status? Well, it's still going to be over 60k easily, but I doubt it's going to hit the 100k I was stressing out about. Once I managed to work in all the fixes and goals and proper stuff to the first three chapters, the next three came fairly easily. The book is now a solid 36k completed. Since I have only a few weeks until it's due, I'm pretty sure I can shape the rest in time. I told hubby to get good and comfy in the shabby shape of the house until this book--and any possible surgery--are complete. :)

You gotta love a man who doesn't bat an eye when he agrees to such statements.

So, I'm prepared for a weekend of hitting the book with both paws. :)
What are your weekend plans?


Nicole Reising said...

Sounds like your making some great headway on your book, Dee! Way to go!

I'm hoping to wrap up editing the chapter I'm currently on and spend some time with my family, hubby mostly as he's been on the road alot and I don't see him much. Nothing hugely exciting... :-)

Have a good one!


Shesawriter said...

I'm going to do absolutely nothing. :-)


Lis said...

Edit the wip, run a few errands which mostly translates into a trip to Costco and watch a couple hockey games :)

Best of luck on the rest of the ms!

Dee said...

Tanya, lol, I LIKE your plan! LOL!

Alas, have yet to hit the book. My downstairs was driving me nuts so I rearranged it and dragged the entire family into it. But everyone loves it, lol, I can breathe, I finished "Where's Stanley?" and even finalized some scheduling! WOOHOO! Tomorrow will be book day. :)

Lis--LOL, ooh, Costco! I keep thinking one of these days I'll join up, but with only three of us, it's yet to make sense. :)


Silma said...

I was going to edit my story for Cobblestone Press, but ...alas... computer's battery backup died. And the new one doesn't arrive until next week. *sighs* So I did zero writing this weekend.

Anna Lucia said...

Hope you writing weekend went well, babe. I was planning something similar, but ended up just relaxing instead. Well, relaxing and baking two loaves, some english muffins, a quiche and cooking a stew with dumplings.

Procrastination taken to whole knew culinary heights.

Actually, it was less procrastination, and more antidote to a hard week. Ho hum.

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